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Theta Labs and Sony join forces to launch 3D NFTs for Sony’s spatial reality display

Using Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, the limited-edition collection will be displayed as solid 3D objects without use of accessories.

Sony Corporation is collaborating with Theta Labs, the developers of the Theta blockchain. The Theta project is a video delivery network and a decentralized video streaming network with its own native crypto asset, the Theta Network (THETA). Sony announced it would release ten “Tiki Guy” NFTs, including two-dimensional versions.

How does Sony spatial reality display work?

spatial reality display

The Sony SRD can display 3D visuals without the use of glasses or other accessories. The device is a tablet-like device that displays semi-physical augmented reality. As the viewer tilts or moves their head in any direction, the SRD display pivots in sync with the eye movement, creating the sensation of a solid 3D object. Theta’s and Sony’s NFTs are therefore viewable and manipulatable in mixed reality 3D on the SRD without the aid of eye accessories.

“The Tiki Guy,” one of the two SRD-enabled NFTs, will be limited edition: only 10 “Tiki Guy” NFTs will be available. A free Sony SRD will be provided to owners of the NFT with a U.S. shipping address. The Sony SRD is currently priced at $5,000 per unit.
Sony’s video description describes the immersive 3D optical experience as “a portal to another world” where detailed texture, high contrast, and luminous brightness combine to create a truly unique experience.

This collection will be available on ThetaDrop, Theta Labs’ NFT marketplace, which has previously released Katy Perry’s first collection for NFTs, as well as promotional NFT collections for World Poker Tour and American Idol.

Sony enters the Metaverse

Sony’s VP of business development Nick Colsey believes NFTs will improve the device’s experience by incorporating NFTs and metaverse concepts. “Immersive, three-dimensional NFTs are a great way to showcase the potential of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display for metaverse enthusiasts and collectors,” Colsey said.

This partnership follows the Theta Hackathon that took place two weeks ago, where Bridgetower Capital launched a Theta Enterprise Validator Node. Since then however, Theta network (THETA) has lost 86.1% against the US dollar.


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