Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Ethereum Blockchain

BOCI and UBS: Leading the Charge in Tokenised Securities

In a significant leap towards the future of finance, the Bank of China's investment banking arm, BOCI, and Swiss banking giant UBS have come together to make a monumental move - the issuance of a fully digital tokenised security in Hong Kong. A first for a Chinese financial institution, this event marks the dawning of a new era in the financial sector, underscoring the transformative potential of blockchain technology and tokenised securities.

Cardano Blockchain

Cardano Vasil hard fork will take place on September 22

The fifth upgrade to the blockchain, the Cardano Vasil hard fork enhances the Plutus programming language and reduces fees by increasing scalability.

Stanford University’s $4.5 million blockchain research hub by Input Output Global

A blockchain research partnership has been announced between Input Output Global and Stanford University

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Binance Smart Chain

Beyond Borders: Binance’s Strategic Pivot Towards UK Amid US Crypto Clampdown

As it grapples with the ever-tightening leash of American crypto enforcement, Binance sets its sights on UK regulation, a significant pivot in its strategic blueprint. In a candid admission of the trying circumstances in the US market, Binance's top strategy executive concedes to the mounting difficulties that the crypto giant is facing.

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NFT News

New UK Regulations to Restrict Free Promotional NFT and Crypto Airdrops

The United Kingdom is taking a significant step towards regulating cryptocurrency by banning free promotional NFT and crypto airdrops that encourage investment. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced that the new rules are set to come into effect on October 8, 2023​.

Avalanche Blockchain

A number of lawsuits filed by Kyle Roche have been withdrawn after Ava Labs controversy

Attorney Kyle Roche has withdrawn from cases against Bitfinex and Tether. The CEO of Ava Labs denied there was anything unusual about the company's relationship with Roche, despite a video that was leaked.

Avalanche Bridge adds Bitcoin Support to allow BTC use in its DeFi protocols

Avalanche, a popular Layer 1 blockchain, has announced new support for native Bitcoin (BTC) through its bridge solution built on its cryptocurrency wallet Core. As a result, in the past 24 hours, AVAX has outperformed major digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ava Labs in New Funding Round at $5 Billion Valuation

According to sources familiar with the matter, Ava Labs Inc., the lead developer of the Avalanche blockchain, is in the process of raising a second round of funding. According to the new valuation, it would rank among the world's most highly valued crypto startups.

Charles Hoskinson Reacts to Criticism Over Cardano’s DeFi Ecosystem Growth

Charles Hoskinson, founder and CEO of Cadano, has once again responded to critics -- this time around Emin Gün Sirer, the founder and CEO of Avalanche's Avalabs. Cardano's DeFi ecosystem has been criticized for its slow pace of growth, as reflected in its TVL.

Terraform Labs & LUNA Foundation buy $200 million in AVAX tokens

UST stablecoins were used to buy $100 million in AVAX by the Luna Foundation Guard. Terraform Labs exchanged an additional $100 million in LUNA for the AVAX equivalent.


Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are two disruptive technologies that are changing the business landscape. The two technologies that have matured and gained market traction since the Bitcoin white paper was published in 2008. The rise of ChatGPT has been spectacular, the tool amassed a million users in only five days, setting a new record for the fastest-growing user base in the history of consumer applications. However, behind the scenes, a more robust data infrastructure is required to enable the meaningful rise of AI.
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