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Is Steady Stack Titans NFT the next BAYC?

A new, innovative approach to NFT’s is coming. And here are the creators:

Steady Stack is pioneering a subscription-based model for NFT’s that is both innovative and appealing to the market. The project is bridging the gap between subscriptions and software-as-a-service, merging them into the ecosystem of non-fungible tokens that they are developing.

The project claims that they will bring cutting-edge concepts to NFT’s that have never been seen before and will help lead the space forward in new and innovative ways.

‘There is much more to Steady Stacks than just software or alpha call outs’ they say, ‘We are a brand. We are a platform. We are leaders.‘.

Steady Stacks has Software Tech & Crypto/NFT/Stock Alpha callers, but even with this enormous value alone, it is only the beginning.

Day 1 Utility
Being a member gives you multiple benefits from day 1, including exclusive access to their:

  • Proprietary Trading Software (valued at $2.5k/yr)
  • 7 figure Alpha Callers in Crypto/NFTs/Options valued at $100 per month each
  • AMA’s with 7-9 investors, traders, entrepreneurs, RE, eCommerce specialists, etc (priceless)
  • Network – the ability to network with a like-minded community (priceless)
  • Events & Meetups (priceless).
  • Exclusive investment opportunities will be available to members: from potential crypto mining, to YouTube Automation services, IPO/IDO/IGO allocations to exclusive investments and a lot more.
  • Community driven initiatives. From whitelist raffles with top projects to AMA outreach, Steady Stack News and much more.

The project will spearhead innovation and leverage web3 based on underlying value and utility to push the space towards a brighter future based less in speculation and more in REAL WORLD VALUE & UTILITY.

Steady Stack founder @readyplayerh

The NFT Subscription Model

Much of the friction from current subscription models can be avoided by switching to an NFT model. Members, by connecting their wallet (a smart contract on the back end will check if the required NFTs are available) unlock whatever content the they have access to.

If someone has been using the membership for a while and decides to reduce costs, they can sell it to someone else, giving the project a percentage of the sale by doing so. There’s no need for a project to spend the administrative time or overhead trying to manage the membership, changing payment methods, setting up a new member, etc.

That’s the beauty of owning your membership. It can be sold to another buyer after you’re done with it. It’s like buying a house versus renting an apartment, or buying a paperback book versus an eBook. Once you own the NFT, it’s yours to do with as you please.

This is an Investor Illuminati

Currently, the project is still in the pre-mint stage, which means that you still have the chance to be part of the NFT mint. A whitelisting round has just ended for the project, and plenty more opportunities will be given away on their social media pages over the next few days. To be the first to know about these, be sure to join these them below and turn on notifications.

Twitter: @SteadyStackNFT. Discord:

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